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Pre-school children with additional support needs

If your child has additional support needs or a disability that is identified at birth or during their early years, your health visitor or anyone working closely with you will contact the Early Years Multi-Agency Team (EYMAT).

This involves education, health and social work services. They will work with you to look what you child needs and co-ordinate the help and services available.

EYMAT can also give you advice on services, benefits and health-related information and look with you at the best options for your child at nursery school and school.

If your child is under three and has additional support needs they will have priority access to a place at nursery and we will provide a home visiting specialist support teacher.

Anyone with an interest in the child can make a referral to EYMAT although it is usually made by health services as they often have the first contact with parents and their children.

EYMAT East Kilbride

Phone: 01355 574121

EYMAT Lanark

Phone: 01555 673249

EYMAT Hamilton

Phone: 01698 455800