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Deferred entry to primary school

If your child has not had their 5th birthday before they are due to start primary school in August 2021, you may decide to make an application to defer your child's entry to primary school by a year.

Your child will automatically get an extra year of early learning and childcare funding if their 4th birthday is in the period 1 January 2021 to the end of February 2021 (inclusive);

You can also request an extra year of early learning and childcare funding if their 5th birthday is in the period 1 August to 31 December (inclusive) - we will consider your application following an admission scrutiny process and decide if your child will get an extra year of funding as a funded nursery place will not automatically be provided.

If you intends to defer the start of you child’s primary education, you should still apply to register your child in the appropriate catchment primary school and indicate your intention to defer entry. You should discuss the deferred application with your child’s current nursery establishment and they will provide and return the appropriate paperwork when completed to the Early Years Service for processing.

If your child's deferred entry is approved, you will receive a letter and you should confirm that you are accepting the deferral. Once we receive your confirmation, we will remove your child’s place from the catchment primary.

How to apply

If you want your child to have an additional year at nursery, you should complete an application for a deferred year. As we are currently in lockdown, you should call the nursery your child currently attends for an application form. This will be emailed to you for completion and should be emailed back to the current nursery to allow them to complete the process and submit to Education HQ. You can also get an application form by contacting

The closing date is 31 January 2021. If you are unable to return your application by that date please email



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