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Music tuition in schools

Instrumental music tuition is offered to pupils from P4 onwards, depending on the instrument, the pupil's ability (as determined by the Instrumental Music Teacher (IMT)) and the number of places available.

Tuition is provided via schools, by visiting IMTs, as part of the Instrumental Music Service (IMS).

If your child has been selected for tuition, please note the following:

  • Pupils will be encouraged to participate in school ensembles, bands and performances 
  • When pupils reach an appropriate standard, they may also be invited to join a South Lanarkshire Orchestral Society ensemble.

How to Apply

The parent/carer should complete the online registration form below for instrumental music tuition after the child has been assessed and approved for tuition by the IMT. You will be notified of your child’s place on an IMS timetable by letter. Completion of this online registration form will not guarantee your child music tuition if your child has not been assessed and approved.

Instrumental Music Service information will be communicated through the IMS app. To find the app, please use one of the links below to download the free "School app for parents". Once downloaded, you will find the IMS app by searching: South Lanarkshire Council Instrumental Music Service:

For more information please email Education Support Services.

Education support services helpline

Email: Education support services helpline