Funeral directors

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Whilst there is no restriction to the access to services at South Lanarkshire cemeteries and the crematorium we would remind you that we are required to follow the guidance issued by the Scottish Government in respect of gatherings of more than 500 people. As a result of this our Bereavement Services Management will be monitoring cremation and burial services to ensure we keep within these guidelines. We are aware that services of this size are few and far between but, by providing information, we can ensure we maintain the levels indicated in the Scottish Government guidance.

We also recommend to mourners that you do not shake hands at the end of cremation and burial services. We are aware that this is a widely accepted practise, however by avoiding unnecessary contact we can do our best to reduce the spread of this virus. We are also removing the hymn books from our crematorium service room. Efforts will also be made to sanitise the service room after each service.

We trust you appreciate the need for these measures and thank you for your assistance and understanding.


Crematorium web bookings

If you are a funeral director and you have registered with us you can book the crematorium online. To register contact Bereavement Services.

Cremation paperwork

You can now download the new Scottish Government cremation forms for funeral directors.

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