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Fireworks licence

All Fireworks licences in South Lanarkshire expire on 30 September. We will not write to remind you that the licence is about to expire.  It will be your responsibility to apply if you intend to store/sell fireworks.

All applications for renewals must be received before 30 September or they will be treated as a new application which has a higher fee. Applications received after 30 September may not be processed in time to allow you to sell fireworks from the first permitted date of 15 October.

How to apply

You should complete the online application form on the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website and download a PDF copy of the completed application, then forward it together with your payment to Consumer and Trading Standards. Your application will not be considered unless payment is received with the form. For more information please refer to the HSE website.

How much does it cost?

Between 5kg and 250kg of fireworks or explosives

Period New licence Renewal
1 year £113 £56
2 years £147 £90
3 years £181 £125
4 years £215 £158
5 years £248 £193

Over 250kg of fireworks or explosives

Period New licence Renewal
1 year £193 £90
2 years £253 £153
3 years £317 £215
4 years £390 £277
5 years £441 £340

Firework type and Net Explosive Content (NEC)

HT4 fireworks are the common “consumer” class of fireworks, while HT3 has a higher explosive capacity and may be described as small display fireworks. 

The various elements relating to storage are based on the NEC in kilograms. This is the amount of explosive contained in the firework as opposed to the gross weight of the whole firework.

We would advise that all applicants storing fireworks in retail premises limit themselves to HT4 fireworks. Storing HT3 devices is likely to cause significant problems for retailers as a very small NEC will require the store to be separated by a potentially large distance from other buildings, paths, roads, and so on. If a mix of HT3 and HT4 is stored the combined amount will be classed as HT3 for the purpose of determining separation distances. If separation distances do apply to an application, the cost of the licence is increased.

The maximum amount NEC of HT4 fireworks that can be stored, without separation distances applying, is 250kg, however, where there are domestic premises adjacent to the store this will be restricted to 75kg. Please take some time to decide what amount of stock is required and only apply for the amount which is absolutely necessary. Remember you can re-stock if you sell out.

Storage and signage

You must have the latest version of the statutory notice on display. HSE may change the notice at any time but your firework supplier should be able to supply the most up-to-date version each year if necessary.

On the whole, storage requirements for fireworks appear well understood and observed and Trading Standards are happy to provide further advice, where appropriate, during visits. However, there have been various, isolated issues with safe storage, ranging from relatively minor to obviously dangerous. These incidents will be kept on file and taken into consideration when assessing future applications.


If we refuse your application we will tell you why and provide you with information on how you can appeal our decision.

When can fireworks be sold?

The traditional permitted periods for selling fireworks are:

  • 5 November
  • New Year
  • Chinese New Year
  • Diwali

If you wish to sell fireworks all year round then you will have to apply separately for a year-round licence.

Firework safety

Please see our Bonfire safety tips and Fireworks advice. Please also see the Health and Safety Executive's guidance on fireworks.

Business enquiries

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