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Street trader's licence

To sell anything or to carry out a service in a public place you need a street trader's licence.

A static street trader is someone who trades from one location for more than 20 minutes, for example a snack bar. You need to give us a letter from the person who owns the ground where you will be parked, giving their approval. You should also give us a map with the area you intend to trade from clearly marked. You may also need planning permission for this. Your details will also be sent to our Planning Department and Roads and Transportation.

A mobile street trader moves from place to place, only stopping for a short time, for example an ice-cream van. When applying for your licence you need to tell us which areas you will cover on your route. We will send notice of you application to the councillors for the areas that you plan to trade in.

Whether static or mobile, if you plan to trade near a school we will send your application form to Education Resources.

If there will be more than one person preparing and serving food, both people need to apply for a individual licences.

How to apply

Apply for Street trader's licence

If you already have a licence, you may wish to make changes to its terms, you can also do this online

How the application is dealt with

If you haven't heard from us within 28 days please contact the Licensing and Registration office and we will let you know about your application's progress.

You must bring proof of identification when you collect your documents.

If someone else is collecting them for you, they must bring photographic proof of their identification and something in writing from you stating that you give your permission. This must be signed by you and give the details of the person who is collecting your documents. The signature on the letter will be compared with the signature on the application form. We will not accept an email.

Can anyone object?

Once we have your application there is a 28-day objection period. Your application will be copied and sent to Police Scotland for any comments or objections they may have. Once we have your application there is a 28-day objection period. Your application will be copied and sent to Police Scotland for any comments or objections they may have.

How much does it cost?

  • Full licence fee (1 zone) - £275.60
  • Full licence fee (all zones) - £460.04
  • Temporary licence fee (1 zone) - £206.70
  • Temporary licence fee (all zones) - £345.56
  • Substitute vehicle licence fee - £47.70
  • Wheeled bin cleaners full licence (1 zone) - £146.28
  • Wheeled bin cleaners full licence fee (all zones) - £214.12
  • Wheeled bin cleaners temporary licence fee (1 zone) - £109.18
  • Wheeled bin cleaners temporary licence fee (all zone) - £161.12

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