Indoor sports entertainment

Conditions of licence

  1. The licence holder shall display this licence at all times at the above premises.
  2. The licence holder shall comply with any order or instruction given by any constable or authorised  officer of the Licensing Authority for the prevention of annoyance to the public or to the occupiers of any premises or in connection with any emergency or disturbance (including an order or instruction to close the premises for a limited period) or on any occasion when such constable or authorised officer of the Licensing Authority in his discretion may consider it necessary in the public interest to give such order or instruction.
  3. The licence holder shall not in any way alter, erase or deface this licence, and shall when reasonably required, produce it for examination by the Head of Administration and Legal Services, South Lanarkshire Council.
  4. The licence holder shall collect and remove any paper, garbage or other refuse which may be produced or which may accumulate in the course of the public sports entertainment at the above premises.
  5. Where the premises cease to be used for public sports entertainment for more than two months of the unexpired period of this licence, or where the licence has expired, the holder of the licence shall within seven days thereafter give notice thereof to the Council and deliver this licence to the Head of Administration and Legal Services, at which time the licence shall be deemed to have been surrendered in terms of Paragraph 13(1) of Schedule 1 to the 1982 Act, and it shall be a contravention hereof if the holder of the licence shall fail to deliver his licence within said period of seven days.
  6. It is a condition of the grant of this licence that any requirements specified by Scottish Fire and Rescue in relation to the above premises shall be complied with and adhered to during the currency of this licence.  It is a further condition that the licence holder shall comply with or ensure compliance with the food hygiene regulations where the premises include catering facilities.
  7. The licence holder shall maintain in force at all times adequate and sufficient third party liability insurance for the above premises.

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