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Conservation areas

There are 30 conservation areas in South Lanarkshire.

Conservation areas have been given protected status to protect or enhance their appearance or character because they have special historical or architectural interest.

If a new conservation area is proposed or changes are to be made to an existing one we will ask for your views. This usually happens as part of a revision to the local plan.

Short guides are available for the Clydesdale conservation areas. Conservation Area Appraisals have been prepared for New Lanark and Falls of Clyde Conservation Area and Rutherglen Conservation Area.

A Conservation Area Appraisal, Management Plan and Design Guide has been prepared for the Strathaven Conservation Area.

Please see our video on Conversions and extensions and for more information and a Guide to Conservation Areas in Scotland please go to the Scottish Government website.

The new Historic Environment Policy for Scotland (HEPS) contains policies and principles that set how the historic environment should be managed and looked after.  It is a material planning consideration in making decisions on planning applications which affect the historic environment.

For more information contact Planning and Building Standards Headquarters.

For more information about the wide range of habitats we have in our area please go to our Conservation sites page.