Planning appeals and reviews


You should ask us for a review if your application was decided under powers given to the Head of Planning and Economic Development. These are known as 'delegated decisions'.

Request a review

Use ePlanning Scotland to submit your request for a review automatically, or download a 'notice of review' form from the list of paper forms and guidance notesThere is no fee to pay for a review.

What is the Planning Local Review Body?

The Planning Local Review Body (PLRB) is a special council committee that can:

  • decide the case on the information which they have
  • request more information either through written evidence and/or a public hearing
  • inspect the application site before deciding the case

You can find more information on how the Planning Local Review Body works in the council’s guide to Guide to Planning Local Review Body.

For meeting dates and papers of the PLRB see the councillors and committees website.

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