Whole system approach - South Lanarkshire's approach to Youth Justice

We work together towards preventing offending. When a child or young person does become involved in offending, we will strive to intervene early to ensure the needs of that child, young person and family are met and offending behaviour is addressed and there are often other issues with which they require support.  Where a child or young person is presenting as at high risk we aim to ensure that multi-agency interventions are targeted to deal with high risk robustly and work on the premise that public protection is of paramount concern. 

Preventing offending and dealing with offending behaviour in children and young people requires relationship-based intervention, early and individually tailored support and partnership working and engagement across all agencies. We need to ensure that working with children and young people involved in, or at risk of, offending is prioritised and is high on the agenda of all services and individuals involved with children and young people in South Lanarkshire. We need to work together to ensure that, in line with Scottish Government policy, children and young people are offered the right support at the right time which is outcome focused and based on each  individual’s needs. 

We know that a preventative approach results in the best chances of reducing crime, improving life chances and makes good use of public resources. Timely, appropriate and effective interventions are necessary to address offending behaviour in children and young people and ensure communities and children stay safe from crime. 

Please read the Whole System Approach Youth Justice Strategy 2017 – 2022 for more information. 

Additionally, there is Scottish Government Guidance available here

South Lanarkshire Council also works closely with the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice, based in the University of Strathclyde. Their website has useful research, practice guides and training available.