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As an approved foster carer/short breaks carer you will receive a weekly maintenance allowance for each child in your care. The amount of the allowance is dictated by the age of the child.

Child allowances

  • 0-4 - £139.33
  • 5-10 - £158.72
  • 11-15 - £197.56
  • 16+ - £240.30

We operate a Payment for Skills Scheme, whereby foster carers receive a weekly fee in addition to an allowance for each child they care for. The Scheme recognises the skills and experiences of foster carers and their fee reflects this. There are 3 levels of skill fee; new carers will normally begin on level 1.

  • Level 1 - £131.77
  • Level 2 - £171.30
  • Level 3 - £210.85

In addition to fees and allowances foster carers will also be able to claim for equipment they need for the fostering task and travelling expenses occurred whilst fostering.

Fuller details of all the financial supports will be outlined in more detail during your assessment.

For more information on tax for foster carers please go to HMRC or for shared carers HMRC.