Bail Supervision

South Lanarkshire Social Work Resources, on behalf of North and South Lanarkshire Councils, offers bail information and supervision services to help reduce the number of people being remanded in custody.

If someone is appearing in court from custody, he/she requires to provide an address before bail can be considered. The bail information service checks and verifies with the householder that the person is able to stay there. In some cases, the bail service also involves liaison with Housing Services about homeless accommodation.

Where a person is at serious risk of being remanded in custody, Bail Supervision can be offered to the court as a condition of a bail order. The person is required to meet a bail officer at least twice a week including a home visit.  The person will also be offered additional support to keep out of further trouble during the bail period, help to address problem areas in his/her life and be reminded and supported to attend all court appearances. This order is strictly supervised and any failure to comply is reported immediately to the police.

While all those at risk of being remanded in custody are viewed as possible candidates for bail supervision, consideration will be given to those with mental health problems, single parents, young people aged 16-21, female offenders, those with drug or alcohol problems and anyone who might struggle to cope with custody.  Those with certain offences such as fire raising, sex offending and some serious, violent offences may be excluded from the scheme.