Social work services at court

South Lanarkshire Justice Services manage Court Services for both North and South Lanarkshire, covering Hamilton, Airdrie and Lanark Sheriff Courts. The team is based in Hamilton and has social workers and social work assistants working across the three Courts.

The Court team:

  • provides information to Sheriffs on people appearing before the Courts
  • offers bail information and supervision services to the Courts
  • distributes referrals for Criminal Justice Social Work Reports and submits completed reports
  • undertakes Court reports for homeless people appearing in these  Courts
  • undertakes Stand Down Reports at the Courts' request 
  • monitors the quality of reports provided to the Courts
  • identifies vulnerable individuals who appear before the Courts and, where necessary, provides relevant information to appropriate agencies such as prisons
  • works in partnership with colleagues from Lanarkshire Health Forensic Services to identify vulnerable individuals who may need a psychiatric service at their court appearance
  • liaises with prisons and other agencies in relation to Court business
  • contributes to the provision of Criminal Justice Social Work Services by providing an effective link between the Court and local office-based workers
  • contributes to the organisation and development of Court services through working in partnership with Sheriff Clerks, Procurator Fiscals, legal representatives and other Court-based staff