Lunch Clubs

Lunch clubs

Lunch clubs are independent with most of the work running the clubs being done by local volunteers.

The council's Community Resources are the main providers of lunches to the clubs but some are provided with specific support from Social Work Resources.

There are lunch clubs located across South Lanarkshire. A number of these groups apply for small grants to fund their activities and they also hold a variety of fundraising events in their local areas.

The majority of older people do not need a great deal of support. However, we are seeing a rise in the number of people who are living alone and who are at risk of becoming socially isolated. Lunch clubs are therefore one way of supporting them not only with a place to go for a meal with others, but also offering them a chance to get involved in a range of activities.

Some of the benefits of these clubs include peer group support, social activities and provision of speakers on topics identified by the members. Some participants may also get involved in the running of the club by volunteering for the committee, getting involved in fundraising or organising social events.

There is a small charge for the meal provided at lunch clubs.  A two or three course lunch costs £3.20. Tea and coffee have an additional charge.

For more information about lunch clubs in your area please contact your local social work office or visit the VASLAN (Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire) Locator Tool, an online database that makes it quick and easy to find older people's services, groups and activities.