Care costs and advice for people moving to care homes

Care costs and benefits advice for people moving to care homes

If you want to move into a residential or nursing home and think you may need financial help now or in the future, you should arrange for an assessment.

If a care home is the best way forward we will contribute between £261 and £740 towards nursing care and £180 - £635.79 for residential care, depending on your income and category of dependency.

From 1 April 2020, if you have savings of more than £28,500 you may be entitled to free personal/nursing care payments (£261 for nursing care and £180 for residential care). If you have savings less than £28,500 or are on a low income you may be entitled to public funding.

If you choose a care home that costs more than this contribution, you must pay the difference - so check the rates and any additional charges before making your final decision.

Even if you pay for your stay yourself, an assessment will help work out what you qualify for and if you are likely to need financial help in the future.

You can request a copy of our financial assessment form, complete it and return it to your local social work office.