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Preventing falls

Falls cause the most frequent and serious type of accidents for people over 65. And older people in care homes are three times more likely to fall than other older people.

Falls can cause serious injury and loss of mobility and independence.

However, falls can be reduced by 50% when action is taken to reduce the risks. Here are some things that you can do to help prevent falls:

  • move around as much as you can - using your muscles can help keep your strength up which can reduce the risk of falls. Even a little can help a lot!
  • make sure you wear your glasses and/or hearing aids  
  • if you have a walking aid use it at all times  
  • wear suitable supportive footwear - this includes slippers
  • wear clothing which is comfortable and not too long
  • let someone know if you feel unwell or are unsteady on your feet
  • keep your fluid levels up  
  • make sure you eat regularly - if you have problems eating, let someone know
  • ensure good housekeeping - don't have things lying around which can be tripped over
  • supervise children/animals
  • avoid using talcum powder and oil

More information is available in the report Falls prevention in Lanarkshire Care Homes.

To assist you to move around as much as you can and be as active as you can please see our Meaningful Activities booklets.