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Assistive technology

Assistive technology is a range of specialist technology that can enable you to live at home more safely and independently.

Telecare sensors, monitors and devices can raise an alarm automatically to incidents including:

  • falls
  • fires
  • epileptic seizures
  • when a vulnerable person has left home unexpectedly

Who can use the service?

  • you can be any age
  • live within South Lanarkshire
  • you may need short term assistance whilst recovering from injury or illness
  • you may have a longer term condition
  • you are a concerned carer
  • you may feel vulnerable or isolated in your own home
  • you may have no support from family

How does assistive technology work?

Assistive technology within your home is linked to a community alarm or a pager. When triggered, using a neck or wrist worn pendant, an alert is sent to our alarm receiving centre or sent directly to a carer or family member.

The community alarm is connected to our alarm receiving centre where staff are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, to respond to any alerts.

Assistive Technology can be linked to your community alarm or pager system. This could be items like:

  • fall detector: can detect a fall has occurred and will send an automatic alert to our alarm receiving centre
  • environmental sensor: sends an automatic alert when harmful changes are detected within the home e.g. fire
  • property exit sensor: sends an automatic alert when door is open or closed
  • motion sensor: sends an automatic alert to movement or lack of movement within the home
  • activity monitoring: activity monitoring systems consist of 5 motion sensors and 2 property exit sensors. 

These systems are typically installed for a period of up to 4 weeks and help identify how you are managing within your home and allow us to tailor supports appropriately.

GPS locators: GPS locators can be used to promote independent walking within the local community. GPS locators can locate the wearer should they not return home as expected. These devices are not linked to our alarm receiving centre.

Our Assistive Technology Team have produced videos that support the use of assistive technology.

Assistive technology service referral

If you think assistive technology could benefit you, you should contact your local area social work office to request an assessment.

If you meet the criteria for the service, an assessing worker will carry out the appropriate assessment for the service and answer any questions you may have.

There is a small weekly charge for the community alarm and a related charge for all calls (including test calls) made from the equipment. No additional charge is made for telecare.

Our Charging Policy is available to download.

To pay a community alarm or telecare invoice please go to our online payments section. Payments can be made by cash or card at any PayPoint facility or Post Office. Please present your invoice when making a payment.

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