Community Addiction Recovery Services (CAReS)


Who is this service for?

If you think you are dependent on alcohol or drugs you should contact the Community Addiction Recovery Service within your area.

What help do we offer?

CAReS can provide a full assessment of your needs and co-ordinate your health and social care recovery plan with you. This may include help with detoxing from alcohol or drugs, substitute prescribing, talking therapies or harm reduction information. We will also encourage you to explore other ways of gaining support in your recovery, by thinking about important relationships within your life and local community (for example mutual aid groups).

If you have been referred from another service (for example Children and Family Social Work or Criminal Justice) we will help you to think through how your alcohol or drug problem is affecting these important areas of your life. We can also provide help with housing or employment as part of your recovery plan.

We have a combination of health and social care staff within our service. Once we have had a chance to speak to you, we will work out together the best person to help you in your recovery.

How can I get help from CAReS?

Your GP or social care professional can refer you to the service in your area.