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You can report non-offensive graffiti using our online form.

Offensive graffiti, including racist, sectarian or obscene in nature will be removed within 24 hours of receiving your call. To report offensive graffiti call 0303 123 1020.

All other types of graffiti will be removed in five working days.

It is important to remove graffiti as soon as possible, the longer any graffiti remains in place it can encourage more graffiti.

It is illegal, graffiti is an act of vandalism and as such those offenders undertaking such acts can be charged with a criminal offence under section 52, Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 1995.

Graffiti is unsightly it can detract from the overall appearance of an area and present a perception of a poorly neglected neighbourhood. It can lead to further acts of vandalism, anti social behaviour and misuse such as fly-tipping.

The removal of graffiti can be extremely time consuming and costly for the council with thousands of pounds each year being spent on its removal.

We will remove graffiti from all council owned property including buildings, street furniture, etc. We can also remove it from private property however a disclaimer does need to be signed prior to any work taking place.