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Abandoned vehicles

You should check the following before you report a vehicle as abandoned:

  • are any of the tyres flat or have any of the wheels been removed
  • is there litter or a lot of leaves under the vehicle - this may mean that it hasn't moved for a while
  • is the windscreen or any of the windows broken
  • does the vehicle have number plates
  • does the vehicle contain rubbish such as tyres or old newspapers
  • have any parts, like the bumper, seats or radio, been removed or damaged

When you report an abandoned vehicle we will ask you for the following:

  • the registration number, colour, make and model
  • where the vehicle is - please be as specific as possible and include the street and town
  • the condition of the vehicle


We check with the police to find out who owns the car and whether it's been stolen or involved in a crime. This can take some time, although the vehicle will be removed if it's in a dangerous condition or blocking the road/driveways. Please note that only the police have the power to immediately tow any vehicle left in a position causing a danger or obstruction.

Cars which have been abandoned are taken to a vehicle pound. There is a charge for the return of a vehicle.