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Provost Margaret Cooper

Councillor Margaret Cooper was elected as Provost shortly after being elected as a councillor for the Avondale and Stonehouse ward.

Depute Provost is Councillor Bert Thomson and is a councillor for the Blantyre ward.

The role of the Provost

Provost is a traditional title given to the person who presided over the old Burgh Councils in Scotland.

The Provost of South Lanarkshire chairs meetings of the full Council of 64 elected councillors who represent the 20 multi-member wards in South Lanarkshire. Full council meetings are held at least four times a year.

The Provost also plays a very important ambassadorial role on behalf of the council, representing South Lanarkshire at many civic occasions. The Provost works closely with community and voluntary sector groups and attends many events marking important landmarks in the lives of local citizens including 100th birthdays and Diamond Wedding Anniversaries.

Anyone wishing to have their celebration attended by the Provost should contact the Provost's office directly.

South Lanarkshire's Provost does not have the title Lord Provost. This title applies only to the Lord Provosts of Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee who act as the Queen's Lord Lieutenant for the area. There is a Lord Lieutenant who represents the whole of Lanarkshire.

South Lanarkshire also has a Council Leader.

Provost's Office

Phone: 01698 454910
Email: Provost's Office