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Overtime claims

The online overtime claim process allows you to submit your overtime claims for your manager to approve on People Connect. Line managers will be able to review and approve claims made by employees and all approved claims will then be included in the next available pay. Line managers will also be able to submit claims on behalf of employees if required, for example because of the absence of an employee.

Employees can submit claims as follows:

1. Log into People Connect

2. Select the People Connect Employee responsibility

3. Select the ‘Overtime Claim’ menu item as seen in screenshot below

Screenshot showing People Connect menu with Overtime claim

4. On selecting ‘Overtime Claim’ you will see the screen below and should log in again using your People Connect username and password

Screenshot of the login screen for overtime claims

5. The following screen is displayed

Screenshot of the assignment screen

This displays your name with a drop down box to select the Assignment - that is your job - that you are claiming overtime for. If you only have one post then you simply select it from the dropdown box by clicking on the down arrow on the right hand side.

If you have more than one post make sure that you are choosing the correct one.

The 'View Submissions’ button allows you to view previous claims and their status.

6. Once you have selected an Assignment a button appears allowing you to submit your claim.

Screenshot of current user details

By default claims are sent to your line manager for approval but you also have the option to select an alternative approver if you require such as a duty manager. Simply type the name into the ‘Alternative Approver’ box shown above (Surname then Forename). Only other managers within your Resource can be selected. Please see example below.

Screenshot of current user details filled in

In the above example, the claim will be sent to an alternative approver, Mr Joe McCabe rather than the employee line manager.

Overtime claims can only be approved by a manager above you in the hierarchy.The error message below will be shown if you select a manager at the same level as you or lower.

Error screen

7. Select ‘Submit New Overtime Claim’ to make your claim. The following screenshot shows the main overtime input form.

Overtime submit screenshot

Some points to note on this form

Fields marked with ‘*’ are mandatory and you cannot submit a claim without completing these entries.

Fields where the text is underlined have help information attached. Simply click on the field name to display the help information which will help you complete the field.

Date Worked can be typed directly into the box using the format DD-MMM-YY, for example 08-May-18, or selected from the calendar to the right of the box. Overtime cannot be claimed before it has been worked so you can't enter/select a date which is in the future.

Type is a picklist of the overtime element codes available for selection. Examples of element codes are plain time, time and a half, double time.

Hours Worked is the number of hours you want to claim at the overtime rate selected in the Type field above. Please note that the entry made here should be in decimal format, for example 2 hrs 30 minutes is 2.50, 2 hrs 45 minutes is 2.75.

Hourly Rate This should be left blank if you worked overtime in your normal contracted job. Only complete this field if the overtime you worked was in a different job. A link to Hourly Rates is at the bottom of the screen if needed.

Amount should be completed if the element being claimed is paid as a cash amount rather than hours.

Claims should not be submitted with an entry in all three of these fields Normally claims will only have an entry in Hours Worked or Amount, with perhaps an hourly rate if required with hours worked.

Overtime Reason is a pick list of choices and you should select the most appropriate reason for your overtime.

Cost Centre/Subjective this field should be left blank if the overtime was worked in your normal post. This field only needs to be completed if the overtime is to be costed to a different cost centre or subjective from your normal cost centre.

Comments This field can be used to add any information that would be useful to the approver in deciding whether to approve or not. For example, further info on reason for overtime in case of call out such as times and location.

8. When you have completed all of the fields, the screen will look something like this and you should now click on ‘Add To Claim’

Summary screenshot

The Claim Form is displayed again with a summary of your previous entry at the bottom as shown here.

Second summary screenshot

You can now add more entries to your claim or submit the entries to the relevant approver. You will note that the Approver name for each entry is shown on the right of the table. You cannot edit entries but you can remove them completely, in case of error by clicking ‘Remove’ to the left hand side.

After another two entries the screen would look something like this

Add more entries screenshot

Depending on your preference you can exit the process at this point by selecting ‘Cancel’. All of the claims you have input are saved, however they have not yet been submitted for approval.

This allows you to add claims gradually over the week and only submit for approval once complete. It is important that claims are submitted for approval on a regular basis and they should not be saved up.

If you wish to create an entry for an alternative manager you must click the cancel button and select the alternative manager before starting your new claim. For example, if I exit via the ‘Cancel’ button and then create an overtime entry having selected ‘Joe McCabe’ as the approver at the start the table will look like this

Exit screenshot

Note that the approver for the last entry is different now.

When the claim is complete, you should select ‘Submit’ and this will forward all the entries to the relevant manager for approval.

9. This is the end of the process for employees. The View submissions button allows you to check previous submissions and their status. Clicking on it brings up a page like this

Search screenshot

You can restrict the information returned by adjusting the parameters shown above. Running it with parameters above displays this

Screenshot of search with adjusted parameters

You can see here the claims we just submitted earlier, all statuses are ‘Pending’ which means that they are awaiting manager approval. You can also see some previous submissions by the same employee.

The statuses which display here are:

  • Pending – awaiting manager approval
  • Approved – the manager has approved the claim and it is to be transferred into the payroll
  • Rejected – the manager rejected the claim
  • Amended – the manager amended the claim before approving it
  • Transferred – the claim has been transferred to the payroll system for payment

The Download link allows you to transfer the data on the screen into a spreadsheet.

The ‘Change Approver’ link to the left of each entry allows you to reassign a submission to another manager if required. You can only reassign entries which are pending.

Amended claims

When a manager amends a claim made by you an email will be sent to you advising you of the change and what was changed. You will no longer be able to view the original claim – only the amendment.

Screenshot of overtime amendment

Rejected claims

When a manager rejects a claim made by you an email will be sent to you advising of the rejection and the reason for rejection.

screenshot of a rejected claim