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Your Council Tax bill - disputes and appeals

Council Tax bands

If you dispute the Council Tax band of your property, you must direct this to Lanarkshire Valuation Joint Board. Further details can be found on their website at Council Tax - Lanarkshire Valuation Joint Board.

Council Tax decisions

All decisions regarding Council Tax liability, discounts, exemptions and surcharges are made in accordance with Council Tax legislation, which the council is bound by in its duty to administer Council Tax.

Asking us to reconsider a decision

If you believe that a decision we have made in relation to your Council Tax liability, discount, exemption or surcharge is wrong, you can ask us to reconsider it. You can do this by completing the online form below and telling us why you believe it is wrong.

If you have already asked us to reconsider, and have received an explanation for our decision, and you still believe our decision is wrong, you have the right to lodge an appeal. Further information on this is available in the section below.

Appealing against a decision about liability, discount, exemption or surcharge

If you have already asked us to reconsider our decision and have received an explanation for it, but you still believe our decision is wrong, you can lodge an appeal. Appeals are dealt with by the Local Taxation Chamber of the Scottish Courts & Tribunal Service. You must submit your appeal to the Local Taxation Chamber within four months of when you first notified us that you were aggrieved by our decision. If your appeal is lodged late, you will need to provide the Local Taxation Chamber with an explanation for the delay. Further guidance and details on how to appeal are available on their website at Local Taxation Chamber

Paying Council Tax whilst you are disputing a decision

Although you may be disputing a Council Tax decision, you must continue to pay your Council Tax in accordance with your latest Council Tax bill. If the decision is changed, you will be advised of any adjustment to your charges and payments.