Your Council Tax bill - how to appeal

You can appeal against your Council Tax bill if you think we are sending bills to the wrong person or the amount we are charging you is wrong, for example you think you're entitled to a discount.

If you wish to appeal against your Council Tax bill, you can use our online form.

To appeal against your Council Tax band, refer to our Property Band - how to appeal page.

Appeals process

You must write to us and explain why your bill is wrong. Write to:

Benefits and Revenue Services, PO Box, 3591, Glasgow, G73 9ED

We will use this letter as your first notice that you disagree with your bill.

We have 2 months to consider your case and notify you in writing of our decision. If you are still unhappy with your bill, you will be able to have your case referred to the Lanarkshire Valuation Appeal Panel.

You must continue to make payments in line with your existing bill during your appeal.