How we spend your Council Tax

Councillor John Ross

John Ross
Leader of the Council

South Lanarkshire is an open and transparent council, and we understand that we are entirely accountable to our residents.

It is part of our commitment to those principles that every year we publish on this page details of how we spend the money we collect in Council Tax.

By doing this, we show how we deliver the services that local people rely on every day – and how we continually pursue best value as we provide those services.

Full details can be found in our Council Tax financial information 2021-22 section but it gives me great pleasure to offer some highlights here.

Our budget for this financial year was approved by the members of South Lanarkshire Council at our meeting on 24 February 2021. This followed some intensive deliberations of a Budget Working Group that comprised four of the five political groups on the council.

Despite the ongoing costs of the council’s response to the Covid pandemic, both in terms of finances and human effort, we were able to agree a budget that not only protects those key services but also invests considerable sums of money in South Lanarkshire.

Once again this year, the single biggest area of spend will be in education. The benefits of our schools modernisation programme are already clear in the performance and well-being of our pupils, and we will continue to invest in the area’s young people.

The revenue budget breakdown also shows the substantial sums we spend on behalf of South Lanarkshire’s residents in other important areas, from social work services to roads improvements, and from housing to recycling and waste collections.

in a typical year we will spend our budget on

  • teaching more than 24,860 primary pupils in our new schools
  • teaching more than 19,755 secondary school pupils in new school buildings
  • providing around 7,000 Early Learning and childcare places
  • caring for 3,750 older people and adults at home
  • looking after more than 2,000 older people in care homes
  • collecting waste every week from more than 153,000 households
  • maintaining 2295km (1426 miles) of roads

The council already has two separate capital programmes for 2021/22, which will invest £85million in improving our general services and almost £101m in building new council homes and improving our current housing stock. (Council Tax is not spent on maintaining council homes, which are funded entirely by tenant rents.)

I am delighted to report that as a result of the revenue budget that was approved on 24 February we will also make a series of additional investments that will help our local communities and businesses, including in their recovery from Covid.

A total of more than £10 million will be available to further support the learning and wellbeing of our young people, boost employment opportunities, encourage tourism, develop food growing and healthy eating initiatives, and target path and road improvements where local communities want them.

In recognition that we have longer-term responsibilities that we simply must attend to, too, the fund includes £2 million to take forward our Climate Change agenda by providing match-funding for local projects, especially those that provide “green” jobs.

I am pleased to add that we are also able to do all of this while agreeing to freeze our Council Tax at 2020/21 levels, in partnership with the Scottish Government.