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How we spend your Council Tax

We are committed to keeping the residents of South Lanarkshire informed about how we provide their services.

We do this because we have an absolute commitment to openness and providing clear information, and so every year we explain exactly how we spend the public money we are entrusted with, and particularly how we invest the Council Tax that is contributed by local households.

It is perhaps worth noting that South Lanarkshire has for some years now set the lowest Council Tax rates in all of mainland Scotland.

While the Council Tax freeze that had been maintained by local authorities came to an end this year, the increase was limited to 2.5% when our 2022-23 Budget was approved on 23 February.

Full details of how we deliver our services and invest in the local area can be found in our Council Tax financial information 2022-23 section but, to offer some highlights, in a typical year we will spend our budget on:

  • teaching more than 24,852 primary pupils in our new schools
  • teaching more than 20,075 secondary school pupils in new school buildings
  • providing 7,955 Early Learning and childcare places
  • caring for 3,700 older people and adults at home
  • looking after more than 1,891 older people in care homes
  • collecting waste every week from more than 154,000 households
  • maintaining 2,295km (1,426 miles) of roads

South Lanarkshire is the fifth largest council in Scotland, and in total we will spend more than £833 million in 2022-23 on general services on behalf of our residents. As in previous years, our biggest area of spend will be on providing education services.

We also have two major capital programmes for 2022-23 that will see the council make long-term investments in the area, courtesy of an injection of £82.284m into general services projects and a further £52.230m through our housing capital programme.