Access to free sanitary provision

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Since 2019, the Community Planning Partnership in South Lanarkshire have been providing period products to public buildings, leisure and culture facilities and to community and voluntary organisations all around South Lanarkshire.

We are working to add more locations and are pleased that many community organisations are part of our journey too. If you are an organisation who would like to help distribute items, please email

The Scottish Government has provided funding to ensure that access to free sanitary provision is available to those who require it.

We've got your period covered

We've teamed up with Hey Girls to offer free period products to all South Lanarkshire residents who need them - regardless of your income or personal circumstances.

If you would like to order free period products to be delivered directly to your home, please complete our online form. You only need to complete one form for all members of your household requiring products.

Not sure what to order? Have a look at our About our period products page.

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