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Speaking at a planning committee

When can I speak at the committee?

The order that people can speak is:

1. The person who is making the application (the applicant) explains why they think their proposal should be given planning permission.
2. The spokesperson(s) for those objecting to the application (the objector) can ask them questions afterwards.
3. The objector then explains why they are objecting.
4. The applicant can then ask questions.
5. Members of the committee might ask the applicant and objector questions.

Choose your words carefully when speaking. The chair can ask you to stop if you talk about non-planning matters or make it personal.

Find out more about speaking to the planning committee from our Planning and Building Standards office.

How long can I talk for?

There is no more than 10 minutes for both the applicant and objector(s) to talk. A further five minutes is allowed for each side to ask questions.