Moving on 2

Moving on 2 | South Lanarkshire Council
ApplicantSkills Exchange Scotland
Project titleMoving on 2
Project DescriptionMoving On 2 is a Pre-Employability project aimed at young people aged 18 – 24 resident in rural South Lanarkshire, The project will target those who are not job ready including those longer-term unemployed or who are cycling in and out of benefits. The project will be focus on a personal development approach to engage with those furthest from the job market with the aim of getting them to the point where they can access and sustain mainstream opportunities.
The project will include a range of interventions which will be delivered both in small groups and 1-1. They will focus on Initial Engagement, Personal Development, Pre-employability, Job-searching, Digital Awareness and Money for Life. All delivery will be underpinned by solution focused counselling and mentoring with the aim of identifying, addressing and removing barriers to employment. Interventions will be needs-led but certain themes are likely to be common to this client group.
Total Project cost£162,028
LEADER Award£113,419.60
LAG Date12 December 2017