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Lanark Lanimer Committee - Perambulation of the Marches and Shifting of the Standard - 5 June 2023 (045/2023)

Lanark Lanimer Committee - Perambulation of the Marches and Shifting of the Standard - 5 June 2023 (045/2023) | South Lanarkshire Council
Organisation nameLanark Lanimer Committee - Perambulation of the Marches and Shifting of the Standard (045/2023)
Procession dateMonday 5 June 2023
Procession areaClydesdale area
Procession townLanark
Outward route16:45 hours
Lord Cornet's Club Members meet within Lindsay Institute, Hope Street to Toast Lord Cornet-elect.

17:00 hours
Lord Cornet and Members of the Lord Cornets' Club leave Hope Street to travel by bus to Hagholm Road, Cleghorn, home of the Lord Cornet-elect

17:25 hours
Those attending at Lord Cornet-elect's home depart Halgholm Road and escort him back to Lindsay Institute via Cleghorn Road to Fire Station, then walk to Hope Street and into Lindsay Institute

17:40 hours (approx)
Crowd begins to form in Hope Street between Bloomgate and Hope Street junction with Waterloo Road. Crowd size 1,000 to 1,500, depending on weather, moves from both pavements into the road, awaiting Lord Cornet's Club moving from Lindsay Institute to Sheriff Court building for official photograph on steps (approx. 17:55 hours).

18:00 hours
Traffic held both ways in Hope Street as the Chairman of the Lanimer Committee, Lord Cornet, Lord Cornet-elect, and members of the Lord Cornet's Club, followed by the community depart from Hope Street, on foot, for the Perambulation of the Marches, via Hope Street; Waterloo Road and tWheatlandside, to Woodend; off Mousebank Road; for distribution of Birks. They proceed through the lands of Woodend, towards the path by the River Mouse at Leechfordon, then on through the fields of Jerviswood, checking eight March Stones as they proceed. All exit Lithgow's fields at Cleghorn Road gate and take to pavement, crossing road into Linthill to make way through estate to St Leonard Street. Stewards will be on duty at crossing and through the Perambulation.
Outward time1800 hours
18:30 hours
After Perambulation crowd clears Hope Street, leaving road open to traffic and diversions. TTRO now into operation, closing off all access to High Street and Lanark Cross. Barriers close access from Wellgate, Castlegate and Bloomgate at junction with Hope Street. During this period there is no through road via Friars Lane. Diverted traffic from Bannatyne Street turns immediately far right into St Leonard Street and left into Kildare Road. No through traffic permitted on North or South side of High Street from approx. 18:15 hours.

18:45 hours
Celia Orr School of Dance Display Begins
Performers use church interior as base and emerge from main door for several displays of dancing, round the side of the Church and the platform which has been set up. They use the whole 'arena' area in front of the Church, and either side of the High Street, within South Lanarkshire Council landscape services team barriers. This display lasts for approximately one hour.

19:45 hours
Announcements from platform at Cross, of the main Silver Club prize draws.

19:55 hours
Arena area and platform area are cleared. Barriers remain in place. Invited guests waiting within Church move out and onto platform to await main procession. Barriers are adjusted to open South side of High Street and access to Bloomgate, to allow procession through.

18:45 hours
Horses from Edinburgh & Lasswade Riding Centre (ELRC) arrive at Water Tower at the top of St Leonard Street, near junction with Smyllum Road, to await collection by riders arriving from Perambulation.

(To avoid the Procession Route, the horse boxes will then be moved from the Water Tower to Bloomgate via Stanmore Road, Cleghorn Road and Hope Street

Horses from the Equi Centre and stables at Lanark Racecourse leave at 19:00 hours from their base for Hamilton Ross of Lanark via Hyndford Road; second right through roundabout to Ladyacre Road and St Vincent Place into Bannatyne Street; to High Street junction then turning sharp right into St Leonard Street and up to start.

Any others intending to ride in the procession are instructed to fall in behind the above group at the Hyndford Road / Ladyacre Road junction and proceed to Hamilton Ross of Lanark where they assemble for the main procession in Ross's Yard, at the top of St Leonard Street.

19:30 hours
Band meets on St Leonard Street between Waverley Crescent and Hospitland Drive.

19:30 hours approx.
At Cleghorn Road near entrance to Linthill those perambulating begin to appear from fields on west side of Cleghorn Road (main road crossing), making way to St Leonard Street via Linthill, Laverockhall and Potters Wynd.

On arrival in St Leonard Street many will head for Lanark Cross on foot. Riders will go to Hamilton Ross of Lanark to change into riding boots and collect riding gloves and hats.

19:45 hours
All riders assemble in Hamilton Ross Yard to await Front Party.

19:55 hours
Order of Marches Night Procession to Lanark Cross
Band musters and waits on St Leonard Street at Hospitland Drive. Horse Convener liaises with Police Mounted Branch to ensure that the procession moves off at 20:00 hours prompt.

Lord Cornet, Lord Cornet-elect and right hand Man take front of Equestrian Procession behind Band and Police Scotland Mounted Branch, flanking outside right and left with riders, dignitaries and townspeople walking behind.

20:00 hours
Procession to/Arrival for Ceremony of Shifting of the Standard
Police Scotland Mounted Branch and local band lead mounted and foot procession from St Leonard Street into High Street (South side, passing Tolbooth) through Lanark Cross into Bloomgate, then sharp left into Broomgate. Band continues down Broomgate. Horses turn left at back of Church into Hyndford Place. Mounted Branch and principals hold at Castlegate junction/entry to Cross. Other riders turn right into Castlegate and follow instructions for dismissal.

Front Party moves forward with mounted escort to front of Church, to face platform. Principals dismount, and horses are collected by Ex-Lord Cornets. Platform party members from procession are assembling, managed by a member of the Lord Cornet's Club.

Presentation of Jimmy Hamilton Trophy for best dressed pony/rider. Spectators are now assembled throughout the Cross area behind crowd control barriers and beyond in both sides of High Street.

20:20 hours
Shifting of the Standard Ceremony
The Lord Cornet receives the Burgh Standard, Sash and Gold Badge in front of the townspeople assembled. This is followed by speeches, presentations and 'Scots Wha Hae'.

20:40 hours (approx.)
At the conclusion of the ceremony the Lord Cornet and Front Party depart the platform and head for St Nicholas Church Hall in the Castlegate, on foot, for the Lord Cornet's Reception, from 21:00 to 22:30 hours.
Inward time1845 hours
Accompanying bandsCoalburn Pipe Band
Estimated number in processionApproximately 1,500 townspeople and Lanimer Committee / Lord Cornet's Club Members. Approximately 40 horses will take part in the Equestrian Procession in the latter part of the event
Notification statusGranted
Last objection date13/05/2023