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Lanark Lanimer Committee: Lanimer Day Processions and Evening Tattoo - 8 June 2023 (46/2023)

Lanark Lanimer Committee: Lanimer Day Processions and Evening Tattoo - 8 June 2023 (46/2023) | South Lanarkshire Council
Organisation nameLanark Lanimer Committee: Lanimer Day Processions and Evening Tattoo (46/2023)
Procession dateThursday 8 June 2023
Procession areaClydesdale area
Procession townLanark
Outward route07:45 hours
All horses and riders due at Stanmore Stables muster and mounted

07:50 hours
All Club Members riding leave Stanmore Stables accompanied by two members of Police Scotland Mounted Branch. They proceed to the Lord Cornet's residence at Hagholm Road, Cleghorn via Stanmore Road, Cleghorn Road, Hagholm Road. Front Party goes to Lord Cornet's residence. Other riders muster close by.

08:10 hours
Depart Lord Cornet's residence and proceed to the Memorial Hall via Hagholm Road, Cleghorn Road, Stanmore Road, St Leonard Street, Smyllum Road, Kenilworth Road, Woodstock Road, St Leonard Street, Kildare Road, Hall Place and Baxter Lane.

08:30 hours
Arrival at Memorial Hall. Front Party, on foot, meets with Council and Guests. Riders remain in Baxter Lane.

09:10 hours
All riders remount at Hall Place and prepare to leave for Bloomgate.

09:15 hours
Riders proceed to Bloomgate via Hall Place, Gallowhill Road; left into Cleghorn Road; to foot of Hope Street; left into Bloomgate to form up behind bands.

09:30 hours
Police Scotland Mounted Branch leads Massed Bands and Equestrian Procession from Bloomgate towards St Leonard Street / Highburgh Avenue via High Street (North) and St Leonard Street, halting at Memorial Hall for Toast from Councillor McClymont

09:40 hours
Equestrian Procession halts at Memorial Hall for 'Safe Oot!' Safe In!'. Toast by Councillor, outside Hall. Massed bands then lead mounted procession off again up St Leonard Street to Procession Assembly.

09:45 hours
Pedestrian procession led by the Chairperson of Lanark Lanimer Committee and SLC Councillor and Deputy Lord Lieutenant, leave the Memorial Hall and make their way, behind Equestrian Procession, to the assembly point in St Leonard Street, led by a Silver Band.

09:45 hours
Mounted Lord Cornets and visiting equestrian principals turn into Highburgh Avenue with Police Mounted Branch.

Those on foot, and bands, have designated respective assembly areas in St Leonard Street and Stanmore Avenue. Lanimer Committee members are on hand to manage movements.

08:20 hours
Pipers leave by car from St Vincent Place, at entrance to St Mary's Church precinct and proceed to Queen's house at 56 Kirkfield Road, Kirkfieldbank

08:45 hours
Pipe Bands leave from outside the Vogue Bingo Hall, Bannatyne Street and proceed to muster at Bloomgate via Bannatyne Street; High Street (North) and through Lanark Cross.

09:00 hours
Silver Band leave from outside the Vogue Bingo Hall, Bannatyne Street and marches to the Memorial Hall via High Street (top) and sharp right into St Leonard Street, remaining on Kildare Road at car park, to escort dignitaries.

09:00 hours
Court cars assemble, in procession order at R and R Garage, St Leonard Street. Court members wait inside main building. They reach this location via designated routes outside TTRO areas.

09:30 hours
Court members start to make their way to official cars or mount their horses, in preparation for Lanimer Procession. Crowning Lady and Companion take up position as Court Procession Lead Car, behind New Zealand Banner. Court Stewards await instructions to move off behind main procession.

08:00 hours
Area covering St Leonard Street (Junction with Smyllum road to Junction with Highburgh Avenue and Stanmore Avenue), Waverley Crescent; Hospitland Drive and St Leonard's Road close to all traffic, except Procession entry vehicles. They move into designated positions where they remain until instructed by Lanimer Committee Stewards to move into allocated slots when procession moves off at 10:00 hours. Local residents receive advance advice to keep vehicles off route.

08:30 hours
Characters involved with entries arrive, under leadership of sponsors. Sponsors and attendants remain close to their own entry at all times.

All entries prepare for judging phase.

09:00 hours
Entry Judging.
Between 09:00 hours and 09:40 hours entries will be judged by 16 Official Judges. The public is free to wander in and around entries. Sponsors and attendants remain in charge of their own entries, within this TTRO area, which remains closed until Procession finish.

09:45 hours
Judges and escorts move off informally to places in Enclosure at Lanark Cross. Lanimer Committee Stewards take up position around Highburgh Avenue / Stanmore Avenue junction, having checked that Procession Entries and bands are aware of placing, and movement into Procession order at start. Procession Officials make final checks with Procession Stewards and leading sections. Marshalls from procession team on Stand at the Cross, at junction of St Leonard Street; Bannatyne Street and High Street, and Procession Conveners walking with Procession, are now in two-way radio communication.

A senior member of the Lanimer Committee joins the Joint Agency Control Centre at Lanark Tolbooth, led by Police Scotland, and joined by representatives from Fire and Rescue and St Andrews First Aid.

10:00 hours
Police Scotland Mounted Branch lead off procession down St Leonard Street, followed by Pipe Major, Lanark and District Pipe Band, Coalburn Silver Band, the Lord Cornet's Equestrian Procession, Lanimer Procession and Lanimer Court.

Judging results for individual classes will be issued to entries as they pass through procession start.

10:00 hours
Main Procession Route: St Leonard Street; High Street (North Side); Lanark Cross; Wellgate; Wellgatehead; Hyndford Road; left at roundabout; Ladyacre Road; St Vincent Place; Bannatyne Street; High Street (North) to Lanark Cross.

11:00 hours approx.
Front of procession reaches junction to re-enter High Street where it forks with St Leonard Street and Bannatyne Street. A long procession is anticipated so there is likely to be a hold up, as follows:-

The end of the procession entering High Street from St Leonard Street is likely to be ongoing, as the Head of the Procession emerges from Bannatyne Street to re-enter the same route. The former has precedence.

Mounted Branch Officers, the Front Band and Lord Cornet's Procession know they may have to wait here. As soon as the Lanimer Court passes through this point the Equestrian Procession may proceed (There will be Lanimer Committee members stewarding here, but the longer the wait the more daring become some of the crowd to attempt crossing between participants and horses).

11:15 - 11:30 hours
Arrival of Procession at Lanark Cross
The Bloomgate exit at the Cross must remain accessible throughout the arrival of the Procession as all horses and some of the entries take their floats away by this route, after dropping off participants. Court cars also turn in Bloomgate and wait there until the Crowning is over.

Horses go straight on at the Cross to Bloomgate and proceed to Delves Park via Broomgate; Hyndford Place and Castlegate.

Bands go left through the Cross and proceed to St Mary's Club Rooms in St Vincent Place; via Wellgate; Wellgatehead; Hyndford Road; left at the roundabout and on to Ladyacre Road; or to The Bridge Centre (rear entrance) off Woodstock Road, via Wellgate; Wellgatehead; Hyndford Road and Ladyacre Road; St Vincent Place; Bannatyne Street and St :Leonard Street.

Walking dignitaries and guests turn left into the Enclosure and are escorted to the Stand in front of the old Clydesdale Bank.

All entrants will have advised the Procession Conveners whether they wish to exit any motor or 'push and pull' vehicles via Bloomgate or Wellgate. The Cross stewards give guidance and will advise staff manning barriers, to enable passage by agreed route.

The Crowning Lady's Car, Court Cars, and Court Horses stop at the Enclosure. Characters are escorted to waiting area. Empty cars exit into Bloomgate and turn, in order, to get into position for Court pick up after Crowning. Horses for Court have escorts and wait with Court cars.

Assembly on Main Stand and Dais
This is managed by the Lanimer Committee, its members fully aware of respective duties. Council staff manage the barriers and the two teams work well together. Adult accompanying children on Stand will wear yellow lanyards marked LANIMER STAND STEWARD.

11:30- 11:45 hours approx.
Crowning of Lanimer Queen
The Enclosure is well managed at this point, but spectators do try to work their way into the area, through it or around it. Management of barriers is critical at this stage.

After the Crowing Ceremony there is tight management of the movement of characters from the area.
There is an official announcement requesting that all members of the public and parents/carers due to pick up children, stay out of enclosure area as those on the Stand make their way off, and are guided into the Castlegate, under instruction from the team managing this operation.

The Lanimer Court moves off first, with cars moving into position for pick up, from the Bloomgate into the Cross. Crowd pressure is well-meaning but Stewards work to ensure clear movement of cars and horses up High Street. This short procession progresses up High Street (North); Bannatyne Street; left to Woodstock Road; to the Harry Smith Complex where Court Members are picked up by families.

All entrants have arranged meeting points. Stewards manage those positioned on the Stand, in order, from the Stand (right), behind the Church and into Hyndford Place and Castlegate. Restricted access is made clear within the Lanimer Brochure. Parents are well aware of the guidance from the Lanimer Committee.

Outward time1000 hours
13:40 hours
Lord Cornet’s Walking Procession leaves from Ladyacre Road to Castlebank Park via St Vincent Place; Bannatyne Street; High Street (South); Lanark Cross; into Castlegate. Accompanying bands play on into St Patrick’s Road and then dismiss or enter park.

14:00 hours
The Lord Cornet’s Lanimer Rideout leaves top entrance to Delves Park; turning left into Castlegate; right at Friars Lane.

14:40 hours
Exit Old Coal Road above Leichford field; left onto A706 towards Lanark; and first left into Linthill. Through Laverockhall, Lythgow Way; Potters Wynd to St Leonard Street; then left onto A743; and first right into gap in wall to the field.

15:10 hours
Continue for 25m, go left to track for Smyllum Lane; past Smyllum House to iron bridge, Left onto Whitelees Road towards the Golf Course up the Sandy Brae to the Racecourse. Muster area then return down the Racecourse to the Long Shot, exiting onto Hyndford Road.

15:35 hours
Riders proceed along Hyndford Road to Hyndford Crescent and enter the fields, to return and exit into the quarry road, then across Hyndford Road and back onto the Racecourse.

16:05 hours
Riders turn left onto the Racecourse, into the country park car park, exit left onto Hyndford Road; right onto Robiesland Road; to the Lady Mary then right into The Beeches, to muster at The Beeches / Hyndford Road junction for horses' water stop.

16:55 hours
Riders proceed along Hyndford Road towards Charing Cross roundabout for start of official Procession.

17:10 hours
Riders gather at Braidfute Retail Park.

17:15 hours
Massed bands and riders leave via Ladyacre Road; Bannatyne Street; High Street (North side) to Lanark Cross for The Lord Cornet’s Declaration and Evening Tattoo. Bands go through to Castlegate to muster for Tattoo. Horses turn left into Broomgate; left into Hyndford Place; where Front Party waits to enter arena. Other horses remain in area.

17:30 hours
Lord Cornet's Declaration
Lord Cornet makes his Declaration to Lanark that its March Stones are intact, in the presence of the Lord Lieutenant of Lanarkshire. The Chairman of the Lanimer Committee replies, followed by the National Anthem.

17:40 hours
Lord Cornet’s Front Party remount and turn, with mounted Police escort and other horses, to go at walking pace back up High Street (North). (Barriers will be moved and commentator will ask spectators to move to a save space off the road) Riders will take St Leonard Street out to Stanmore Road and turn left for Lord Cornet's home.

17:45 hours
The Tattoo at Lanark Cross is managed by Lanark Lanimer Committee, with band movements using Bloomgate; Broomgate; Hyndford Place, Castlegate. The Salute is taken at the end, at approximately 6.30pm, by the Lord Lieutenant of Lanarkshire. At its conclusion the bands return to St Vincent Place; via North Side of High Street and Bannatyne Street and dismiss. Arena Management of barriers by South Lanarkshire Council Landscape Service is set up and controlled by them as bands come and go for performance.

Horse boxes leave Lanark via those routes designated for morning access to Lanark.

Coaches and cars for bands have designated parking through the day.

Both those boxes and band vehicles carry official passes.
Inward time1340 hours
Accompanying bandsStonehouse Pipe Band, Coalburn Pipe Band, North Lanarkshire Schools Pipe Band, West Lothian Schools Pipe Band, KOSB Pipe Band and Coalburn Silver Band
Estimated number in procession600 - 800 in morning procession including Equestrian Group. 50-60 Mounted Participants in afternoon event and evening parade. 5 Pipe Bands and 1 Silver Band in Evening Tattoo
Notification statusGranted
Last objection date13/05/2023