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Our Money Matters budgeting team and Citizens Advice staff can provide one-to-one advice on budgeting and managing money.

People sometimes get into difficulty, for example, an electricity bill may fall due two days before a particular benefit is paid into your account.

Getting a calendar and looking at the days money comes in and when money goes out to pay bills can help get you into a better routine that works for you.

Landlords or energy suppliers might agree to change the date of a direct debit so that it comes off the day a particular benefit or wages go into the bank.

Keep receipts or a spending diary and if you have less money than before. You might be able to see where you could make some savings, for example by switching the regular shop to the cheaper supermarkets, cutting down on take away meals or coffees.

You can also get help to give up smoking which can literally burn up a lot of your cash. The Stop Smoking Service in Lanarkshire will help you.

There is excellent advice on budgeting and helpful tools you can use to budget online on the Money Helper website.