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Are you worried about your mental health?

We all strive for positive mental wellbeing. For many of us this can mean:

  • feeling content
  • making the most of our potential
  • being able to cope with life
  • playing a full part in our family, workplace, community and with our friends

However, one in four of us will experience mental health difficulties at some point in our life and we are likely to know someone who is affected by mental ill health.

These problems can range in severity, as we all have times when we feel down or are finding it difficult to cope with stress or are feeling frightened. For many people these feelings will pass, but for some they can develop into a more serious long-term condition.

Around two thirds of people with long-term mental health difficulties will recover. However, everyone is unique in his or her experience and whilst some people can recover quickly, others may be affected for a longer period.

People with mental health difficulties can experience:

  • social isolation
  • negative life events
  • poverty
  • abuse
  • discrimination
  • stigma

This can make it difficult to cope with life and it can be hard to talk about feelings and problems.

There are many positive influences which can help individuals with mental health difficulties to cope with their symptoms and negative experiences. These can be:

  • having someone to talk to confidentially
  • feeling safe and secure
  • having opportunities to participate in activities
  • gaining more control of life
  • financial security
  • social support

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