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Non-domestic rates - account enquiries

If you have an enquiry about your account, including payments or missing payments, refund requests, name changes or copy bill requests, you can use our account enquiry form.

If you require a note of your non-domestic rates reference number, you can request a copy bill IF you have had a bill from us. If you have not had a bill from us and wish to register your business, please complete our change to owner, occupier or tenant form to register your business.

You may be asked to upload evidence on your application form, help with this is provided below.

We aim to process your enquiry within 10 working days. Due to current volumes of customer contact and correspondence, there may be a delay to this timescale.  

We are working hard to reduce our response times and will process your enquiry as soon as possible. 

You will be asked to upload evidence on the application form. We can accept jpegs and pdf files but we advise pdfs as the file size is smaller.

Please don’t take photos of your PC screen or phone screen as these can be blurry. If you need to do this you should use the screenshot/print screen function on your PC or phone.

When you take a photo of a document such as a bank statement sometimes the file sizes are too big, especially if you have to upload a lot of different images to your form. This can cause the form to fail and we advise converting jpegs to pdfs. You can do this in the following ways.

On an Android phone

  • select image you want
  • from the menu select print image
  • select Save as pdf
  • choose where to save it
  • save

On an iPhone

  • select the image you want
  • tap the sharing button and select Print
  • at the Printer options screen, use a spreading gesture with your fingers on the image preview to show Save as pdf
  • select Share the converted photo as PDF and choose where to save it  

On a PC

  • right click on the icon of the image
  • select Convert to Adobe pdf
  • click on the Save file icon in the top left hand corner
  • select where to save it
  • name it
  • save