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Know your consumer rights

When you buy something from a trader the law says that it must be of satisfactory quality - it should work properly and not be broken or damaged. It should also be safe, durable and fit for any particular purpose you told the seller about when you bought it. The item must also be as described on the packaging, by a sign or by a salesperson. These rights cannot be taken away from you.

Faults pointed out to you, or which you should have noticed before buying the goods, are not covered.

Notices which indicate that refunds are never available in any circumstances are illegal. However notices which do not allow refunds under certain circumstances may be legal. For example, notices which say refunds will only be given with proof of purchase are perfectly legal and reinforce the need to keep some form of proof of purchase just in case you need it later.

If something goes wrong:

  • stop using the item immediately
  • tell the seller straight away
  • take the item back if you can
  • take your receipt or proof of purchase
  • ask for your money back
  • keep calm and be polite
  • if you write, send the letter recorded delivery and keep a copy
  • get copies of receipts etc, and only send or hand over the copies and keep the originals

The seller is responsible for sorting out your problem, not the manufacturer. The compensation you are due depends on the seriousness of the fault and how soon you told the seller of the problem. If you are entitled to get compensation, the law says that this should be in the most appropriate form and may be a full refund, a partial refund, a replacement or a repair.

Consumer advice

Phone: 0303 123 1015
Email: Consumer advice