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Due to a restructure within the Community Warden Service, the team is now split into two distinct services. The original Warden role remains the same however there have been a number of changes in terms of added responsibilities and resources to provide an enhanced and improved service. The Wardens now have the power to issue fixed penalty notices for littering and dog fouling as part of targeted initiatives. There has been a change in shift patterns to working at peak times of disorder including weekends and and they now have access to CCTV vehicles.

The role of the Community Warden (Estates)

  • The eyes and ears of the community
  • An integrated part of the community with regular engagement
  • Carry out foot patrols in tasked areas/hot spots
  • Issue fixed penalty notices for dog fouling and littering during targeted initiatives
  • Shift pattern: Monday to Friday (week 1) 7.30am to 3.00pm (week 2) 11.30am to 7.00pm

The role of the Community Warden (Investigative Support)

  • Use CCTV vehicles to patrol South Lanarkshire and assist in gathering information from known anti-social behaviour hot spots and issues that have been reported to us
  • Will conduct enquiries for low level anti-social behaviour complaints
  • Carry out specifically tasked foot patrols where required
  • Coverage includes: Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday 5.45pm to 3.00am and also Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 10.00am to 7.15pm.

Our Wardens are there to provide reassurance to the residents of South Lanarkshire.  Please feel free to approach them to discuss any issues you may have.  They can also contact the relevant Council department for you on your behalf.

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