Local Nature Reserves in South Lanarkshire

Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) are locally important areas of natural heritage. There are 75 LNRs in Scotland, usually close to towns and cities. LNRs are valuable places as they combine protection of the natural heritage with opportunities for people to enjoy, learn about and experience nature close to their homes.

Since it’s designation in 1996, Langlands Moss has been the only LNR in South Lanarkshire. In 2017, various sites were identified as potential new LNRs in the Main Issues Report of our Local Development Plan. Following consultation, the list of potential LNRs is as follows:

If all suggested sites were designated, residents and visitors to South Lanarkshire would be able to visit 17 LNRs with coverage of approximately 607ha.

The annual report on Local Nature Reserves brings together information on volunteering, community work and projects on each of the sites.


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