Climate Emergency and Food Fund grants

Food Strategy Fund grant application guidance

Before you apply 

Please note this fund closed to applications on 8 June 2022.

This guidance relates to food strategy grant applications.

In South Lanarkshire, Food Strategy Grants are available to community groups and organisations who wish to introduce or develop food growing activities/education on council land or within council facilities.

Key information

What is a food strategy grant?

The food strategy grant scheme has been created to allow local groups operating on council land, council resources and partner organisations to apply for small amounts of funding to pursue their food growing, good food or educational objectives.

How much can I apply for?    

Up to £1,000 for community groups.
What can it be used for?    

The fund can be used to:

  • Buy tools, seeds or materials to set up new or enhance existing food growing provision on council land
  • To improve biodiversity and sustainability in food growing areas such as wildflower and pollinator planting, water harvesting, composting
  • To improve alternative access to fresh fruit and vegetables such as orchard planting, creation of herb gardens
  • Provide education resources in relation to food growing and healthy eating 
  • Professional services required to set up new sites such as ground investigations
  • Alleviate food poverty and increase food growing knowledge via grow your own initiatives at home

Who can apply?    

All community groups and organisations may apply, but depending on what the grant is for, we may require that the community group be a member of the council’s Food Growing Group and be a constituted community group officially operating on South Lanarkshire Council land. Council resources or partner organisations involved in council food growing activities or education can also apply.
When can I apply?    

One application can be made each year.
When will a decision be made?    

A decision will be made within 30 days unless additional supporting information has been requested
What can the fund not be used for?    

  • Proposals that do not benefit residents or pupils within South Lanarkshire
  • The repayment of debt or loans
  • To pay group volunteers or organisational employees
  • Costs already incurred

Applicant responsibilities    

The group/organisation applying for grant funding are responsible for:

  • Ensuring there is a demonstrable link to the aims of the Food Growing and/or Good Food Strategy
  • Ensuring that written permission is in place from the council department responsible for the land or building if the proposal relates to an area that is not within the applicant’s direct control or subject to a formal lease agreement
  • That any proposals in a public space are approved in advance to ensure that required safety standards and maintenance arrangements are agreed
  • If your proposal involves groundworks or is in a public space, you must contact Amenity Services at in advance of submitting your application to carry out relevant land ownership checks, check any contamination issues, permissions, utility checks before breaking ground
  • Please submit a quote relating to your grant fund application 
  • Groups/organisations must have an official bank account and council resources will supply a cost centre to which the funds will be credited
  • Applicants are fully responsible for ensuring that relevant risk assessments and safe systems of work are in place and that activities are adequately supervised
  • Recipients are responsible for tracking public funds and accept that the council has a right to access information pertaining to grants awarded 
  • Recipients provide at least a six-monthly update on the progress of the project and its benefit outcomes (this information may be used as part of an annual progress report to the council’s Climate Change and Sustainability Committee)
  • External bodies in receipt of public funding are required to offer full cooperation and assistance if the council requests information on financial issues

Additional information    

  • Applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis
  • If your application is successful, you may not apply for a further grant for 12 months
  • If your application is unsuccessful, you may reapply.
  • Grants received must be spent within the specified period as agreed with South Lanarkshire Council and set out within the grant award letter. Evidence of spend must be supplied prior to this date.  If not, recipients will be required to return funds to the Council prior to financial year end
  • Activities including the number of beneficiaries must be reported to the Food Growing Group for inclusion in the annual report to the Scottish Government via 
  • If annual funds are depleted, applications can be resubmitted the following year
  • The council’s decision on grant applications is final
  • Failure to follow the agreed reporting/evidence procedure following an award, may result in future applications being rejected

If you need further information or assistance in completing the application contact