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Renewable Energy Fund Grants

Themes and investment priorities

All projects should meet at least one of the four Themes and projects meeting the following investment priorities will score higher in assessment.

Theme one: Stronger Communities

Investment priorities

  • Support for communities to consider their own priorities at a community level and deliver projects that address these priorities.
  • Support for projects that seek to address fuel poverty, financial poverty or access to services.  
  • Support to improve mobility for rural residents.
  • Support for projects aimed at older and younger residents of remoter rural communities.
  • Support to assist communities take on local community owned and/or managed assets.

Theme two: Prosperous Communities 

Investment priorities

  • Support for targeted engagement in training, education and employment initiatives. 
  • Support for projects that aim to improve the vitality and viability of rural town and village centres. 
  • Support for growing the SME infrastructure and environment through improved business infrastructure and services but not direct to individual businesses. 
  • Support to locally focused social enterprises and not for profit organisations which aims to increase profitability and numbers employed. 
  • Support for tourism infrastructure, attracting visitors and or employment.  

Theme three: Healthy Active Communities 

Investment priorities

  • Support for projects that help healthy and active life styles including sports, recreation and leisure.
  • Support for projects that aim to maintain independence for older people and disadvantaged groups.
  • Support for the relief by reason of age, ill health disability financial hardship or other disadvantage. 

Theme four: Sustainable Environmental Communities 

Investment priorities

  • Support to protect and enhance the area’s natural and cultural heritage assets including increasing awareness of the asset.  
  • To promote and encourage environmental enhancements including the provision or upgrade of infrastructure.
  • Support for projects which aim to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, develop sustainable transport, climate change mitigation and increase community growing.