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Delivering a digital council

Citizens expect to be able to access our services quickly and conveniently at times and in ways that suit them.

This gives us opportunities to provide digital services, which can be cost-effective and efficient.

The council plan Connect sets out an ambitious programme of work across the full range of council services. Delivering this programme will introduce new technologies to engage directly with the citizen. It will also effectively use citizen data to deliver better targeted and more efficient services in the future.

At a national level Scotland’s Digital Future: Delivery of Public Services asks public sector organisations to redesign services around the citizen. The Scottish Local Government Digital Transformation Partnership was set up in in 2016 to help deliver this.

Delivering a digital council sets out how we will use new technologies to help deliver our vision of improving the quality of life for everyone in South Lanarkshire. It describes how services will be delivered as 'digital first' and how we will work with partners, citizens and suppliers to create the secure data infrastructure to support digital services.

The strategy also sets out how sustainable computer systems, networks, ICT skills, software and data services will be put in place to support the transformation in the short term and in the years beyond.

Our Digital Inclusion Strategy describes the actions that we will take to engage with communities to assist citizens to access digital services, and also how traditional ways to contact us such as telephone and face-to-face will be available where required.