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Where to get online

These days more and more things are done online, from grocery shopping and booking holidays to applying for a passport, reporting a pothole or job searching. 

If you or someone you know needs a little help to use online services there are many courses available. Our libraries are a good starting point. And if you don't have online access at home there are many places now with free wifi and/or access to a PC or tablet. If you wish to visit a Universal Connections centre for internet access, please contact the centre prior to your visit.

You can use your postcode in the search box below to find your nearest class or internet access point. After you have entered your postcode a of South Lanarkshire map will appear with all of the internet access points marked with an 'I' in a blue box with a yellow border. You can either click on internet access point you want for more details. If you aren't sure which one is closest to your address you can select your address from the list displayed on the left and the map will zoom in to your address.

To see the internet access points nearest to you, zoom out using the zoom tool until you can see the Internet access point marks on the map. Click on mark to display its location, opening days/times and more details including the support available.

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