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Our Biodiversity Duty

Protecting biodiversity is everyone’s responsibility; South Lanarkshire Council has a key role to play by delivering actions that enhance and conserve biodiversity, and by providing an example to others.

We have produced a Biodiversity Duty Implementation Plan which demonstrates the activities and achievements of the Council that have contributed to biodiversity improvement in the last few years. It identifies why biodiversity is a key element of how we work, and sets out our plans and proposals for 2018 – 2022. This document was produced alongside a Strategic Environmental Assessment, which identified potential benefits and negative impacts to the environment of implementing the Plan. The Environmental Report and Post Adoption Statement detail the results of this process.

In 2017 we produced a Biodiversity Duty Report which demonstrates the activities and achievements of the Council during 2015, 2016 and 2017 that contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.

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