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Statutory nuisance

Statutory nuisance abatement notice

The Section 80 Statutory Nuisance Abatement Notice confirms the nature of the nuisance, how to rectify the problem and the period of time for compliance.

If the notice is not complied with we can deal with the matter either by issuing a fixed penalty notice or by summary petition to the Sheriff Court. 

Where the nuisance relates to industrial, trade or business premises the fine is £400, in any other case it is £150. Fines should be paid within 14 days from the day after the the notice is served.

Once a fixed penalty notice has been paid and the nuisance has been removed we will take no further action.

However, if the fixed penalty notice is not paid we may report the matter to the Procurator Fiscal with a view to instigating criminal proceedings by summary petition to the Sheriff Court.

If you or your business has received a fixed penalty notice, please pay the fine online.

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