Running a business from home

Permission to run a business from home

If you would like to run a business from your council property, you must ask us for permission before you can do this. Any other joint tenant, partner or person living with you must also give their written agreement. We will contact them to arrange this.

The following conditions would apply:

  1. The address will not be used in any promotion, advertisement, business cards etc. Only the name of the business and phone number can be indicated. Signs or advertisements will not be erected at the house.
  2. The operation of the business and storage of any materials or equipment will not cause any nuisance, inconvenience, hazard or harm to any surrounding properties or households.
  3. The business will not involve any structural alterations to the house.
  4. The Council reserves the right of access to the property for inspection purposes. The Council may specify additional conditions and may withdraw permission at any time if it feels that any conditions have been breached.

Completing this application form does not mean we will give permission but we will only refuse if there is good reason to do so. We will let you know within 28 days. 

Before you apply it is important you have read the above information along with the information on our A guide for Council tenants page.

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