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A guide for Council tenants

Tenants' rights and responsibilities - managing your home

As a council tenant, you will sign a Scottish Secure Tenancy Agreement with us as your landlord. As this is a legal document and is legally binding, this means you are agreeing to keep to the rules of your tenancy agreement and should:

  • pay your rent and other charges on time
  • be a good neighbour
  • allow access for a gas safety check every year

Cleaning shared areas and closes

If you live in a block of flats with shared areas it is important that all residents take turns to clean all areas.  If you are frail, elderly or disabled you may find it difficult to carry out your cleaning responsibilities. If this is the case you should contact your local housing office.

Shared areas along with stairs and passages should be kept clear of any potential risks to health and safety. Any issues should be highlighted to your local housing office.


If you need to report a repair you can contact the repairs centre using the contact details on this page.


Decorating your council house is your responsibility. You can do home improvements on your council property but you must get permission from your housing office before starting.

Garden Maintenance

Tenants are responsible for maintaining their gardens to a satisfactory standard. Your garden should be kept clean, tidy and not overgrown.

Rubbish which builds up in gardens may be a health and safety risk. It's important to let us know where there is a build-up of household rubbish or furniture which could attract vermin or if there are items such as syringes or needles.

Household pets

If you are a council tenant you can keep one domestic pet without permission. To keep more you should apply in writing to your local housing office. If you live in a flat with four or more storeys or in sheltered housing you'll only be allowed to keep a pet under exceptional circumstances.

If you require any further information or advice in relation to your tenancy, please contact your local housing office who will be able to help you.

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