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Factoring/Common repairs

We factor to more than 2000 blocks of flats, and are responsible for instructing work to common areas, including:

  • roofs and walls of the building
  • common close and landings, including close windows
  • main entrance doors and screens
  • close lighting
  • bin stores and drying areas
  • drains and communal water storage tanks
  • access paths

Your title deeds or deeds of declaration of conditions confirms those areas classed as shared or common.

You will receive notification of your factoring charges each February. Payments are due before the end of June, September, December and March. Factoring statements are issued 3 monthly detailing all debits, charges and payments made to your account during the previous 3 months.

The Property Factors Scotland Act provides a public register of property factors and establishes the minimum standards required under the Code of Conduct.

Our Statement of Services booklet details the service standards for South Lanarkshire Council.

Common repairs

Each co-owner is responsible for the repair and maintenance of shared or common parts of the building, in addition to repairs and maintenance to their own property.

The total cost of common area repairs are generally divided between all properties in the block. A bill representing each owner's share of the total cost of the work will be sent once the job is finished. Factoring bills can be paid online:

If your flat is connected to a communal heating system, each resident will pay for their own heating and hot water, based upon their actual usage. Council tenants pay this along with their fortnightly rent. Flat owners have a charge included alongside their quarterly factoring charge. The Home Energy Scotland hotline, offered by the Scottish Government, provides free expert energy advice for everyone regarding energy usage in your own home.

Owners of flats in council-factored blocks can query a common repair or report common repairs by using the link below. To report common new repair issues you can call the repairs centre on 0303 123 1010.

Selling or subletting your flat

When buying or selling a flat in a council-factored block, your solicitor should contact us to update our records, to ensure factoring or common repair charges are correctly worked out.

Owners should contact us with any factoring and change of address enquiries using our online form

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Factoring Services

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