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Buildings insurance

If you live in ex-Council property which is Factored either by South Lanarkshire Council or privately you can be covered by a block buildings insurance policy arranged by us with Zurich Insurance plc, use the link at the bottom of this page to apply for a quote. You will get a bill for the annual premium, usually sent out each October.

Premiums (inclusive of Insurance Premium Tax) are: 

  • standard cover - £2.27 per thousand of the sum insured
  • accidental damage cover - £2.31 per thousand of the sum insured

If you are insured with Zurich Insurance plc and want to submit a claim because of loss or damages as a result of fire, flood, storm or vandalism, please contact Zurich Insurance plc directly.

If you live in a block of flats where there are still council tenants within the block and you do not wish to be included in the policy, you can opt out.  To do so, you should provide the Building Insurance Section with details of your new insurer, policy number and the date your new policy has commenced.  We will then make arrangements to remove you from the policy.

You can provide this information by email or alternatively in writing to our Factoring Services team using the contact details shown.

If your property is within a wholly owned block where there are no council tenants you can opt out but you have to advise us in writing or by email of your intention to cancel your policy.

Unfortunately we are unable to accept any houses onto the current policy as we don't have a financial interest in the property.

Selling or subletting your flat

If you are buying or selling a flat, your Solicitor or legal advisor should contact us to update our records.

It is also important that you notify the Building Insurance Section if you have bought the property to let out and you would like mail sent to another address, or if you intend to move to another address.

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Buildings Insurance Services


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