Tolerable standards in housing

Environmental Health Services  provide advice on the Scottish Government's tolerable standards requirements for houses and can offer grants towards improvement costs: 

  • 25% off work under £5,000
  • 35% off work over £5,000

You are responsible for the remaining costs.

Qualifying criteria: 

  • independent report shows risk of partial/total collapse due to structural instability
  • inadequate supply of drinking water
  • first time installation of an internal toilet
  • foul water drainage - cesspool upgrades
  • environmental health decides visible and significant internal rising damp means the house falls below the tolerable standard

However, we can't help if:

  • this is not your only or main home
  • you've lived here for less than two years
  • you bought the property in that condition to develop it
  • you removed standard amenities yourself
  • the property is commercial