Safety at sports grounds

Maintaining safety at sports grounds is important to protect the public, employees and sportsmen and women.

We are responsible for issuing safety certificates to sports grounds in the area.

General Safety Certificates are required for all stands classified as a regulated stand. A regulated stand is a covered stand for 500 or more spectators.

If you are planning an event, or series of events which involve activities not specified in the General Safety Certificate, you must apply for a Special Safety Certificate.

We will liaise with the relevant departments and emergency services in order to:

  • draw up the conditions to be attached to the initial safety certificate
  • ensure ongoing compliance with the conditions attached to the certificate
  • arrange for a formal annual inspection of the stands

A separate form should be completed for each regulated stand.

Responsibility for the safety of spectators rests with the management and organisers who have to meet the cost of any safety measures.