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Public processions, marches and demonstrations

Conditions for parades and processions

  1. No band shall play before 7.30 am or later than 9.00 pm.
  2. Sufficient identifiable stewards and marshals must be provided to ensure participants comply with directions. A ratio of one steward to ten participants.
  3. Stewards and marshals should be easily identifiable.
  4. The organiser will ensure that participants behave with due respect at ‘sensitive’ areas such as places of worship.
  5. The band or bands taking part shall cease to play when approaching and passing places of worship while services are in progress.
  6. The procession shall keep to the designated route as directed by the Police.
  7. Organisers shall ensure those involved in the march or parade refrain from consuming alcohol or drugs prior to or during the procession.
  8. Flags relating to illegal organisations or which are likely to cause offence will not be displayed.
  9. The procession where appropriate shall be split into sections in order to avoid serious dislocation of traffic and to facilitate the crossing of pedestrians who have a right of free access and passage to or through any public area.
  10. The organiser will ensure that participants do not march more than 4 abreast, keeping to the near or left hand side of the street (except on one way streets where they will keep to the right).
  11. No halberds or weapons of any description shall be carried.
  12. No obstruction shall be caused.
  13. The instructions of the Police shall be obeyed.
  14. The conditions of Section 62 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974 in relation to the use of loudspeakers shall be observed.
  15. No cause for complaint shall be given.
  16. The terms of the Public Order Act 1936 in relation to the prohibition of the wearing of uniforms signifying association with any political organisations etc shall be observed.
  17. The march/parade shall disperse in good order as soon as the procession concludes.
  18. The organiser shall be responsible for ensuring that these conditions are brought to the notice of persons, bodies and bands participating and ensuring that all participants comply with directions regarding their own safety and that of members of the public.