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Citizenship ceremonies

Group ceremonies

Group ceremonies are hosted by one of our registrars. We ask all candidates and guests to arrive 20-30 minutes before the start of the ceremony and you must bring your letter of invitation with you.

The Provost or Depute Provost of South Lanarkshire and Lanarkshire's Lord Lieutenant who is a representative of the King are also invited.

The registrar will confirm your decision to state either the oath or affirmation and take your letter of invitation from you. An order of ceremony is provided.

Although no photographs or video recordings are allowed during a group ceremony to respect each person's privacy, both the Provost and the Lord Lieutenant are happy to participate in photographs after the ceremony.  The full proceedings should last about one hour.

Candidates are asked to be seated on the front row of the seating area with guests behind. Those candidates who have chosen the oath will be seated to one side and those for the affirmation to the other side. The registrar will then welcome all candidates and the Provost will do an address followed by the Lord Lieutenant. Each group of candidates will then be asked to step forward to make either their oath or affirmation.

This is done in a group format and the 'prompt' cards can be used - so you don't need to memorise the words!

Candidates are welcome to bring a holy book with them to the ceremony to hold whilst making their pledges. Both the oath and affirmation are detailed in your letter of invitation from the Home Office.

Candidates then recite the second pledge, again as a group. After this, certificates are presented with a small gift from South Lanarkshire.

Candidates are also given information packs to help with such matters as voting and getting a passport. At the presentation of the certificates 'The Flower of Scotland' is played in the background and all participating in the event stand at the closing of the ceremony for the National Anthem. After the ceremony, light refreshments are available.